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By using high yield and high-efficiency modal advanced technology, precision and ultra-precision processing technologies and equipments, and for access to the market, our company can adopt the penetrating high-quality-low-price strategy to dominate the market.
LED video walls excel in brightness and reliability, producing stunning visuals in any location. The solutions here will show you how to mount your led video walls, increase and enrich your certain field knowledge.

Quality Responsibility of the Manufacturer Colorarch of LED Products

When begin a mass producing, Colorarch, the manufacturer shall, before acceptance, test the product, so that the quality responsibility can be clearly defined. The products produced by Colorarch must conform to the requirements stipulated like that, Colorarch must make sure that the quality of the product conforms to the requirements laid down by relevant laws and regulations, quality standards and stipulations of the contract.
In case the product sold by Colorarch is found not up to the conditions stipulated, within the period of guarantee, Colorarch shall be responsible for guaranteed repairing, replacement, taking back the product and refunding, and undertaking the responsibility of compensating for the actual economic loss.

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